Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal?

Online transactions are governed by the laws of the jurisdiction in which the consultation takes place. Vet-to-vet telemedicine and televeterinary consultations are not prohibited in Hong Kong and China, where Vets Central offers its televeterinary consultations. It is legal for you to vet-to-vet consultations.

We do not offer vet-to-client consultations because this requires a valid veterinary-client-patient relationship, which cannot be created in purely online interactions.


Will I need to be on call for emergency consultations?
Consultations hosted by Vets Central must be initiated by the originating veterinarian and approved by the consulting veterinarian. If a consultation request is not convenient, you are not obliged to accept it. You can decline a consultation, reschedule it, or refer it to a colleague if you choose.

You can also set, cancel, or modify your availability at any time.


How much will I be paid? How will I be paid?
You can set your fee. Vets Central charges an administration and management fee on top of your consultation fee to cover our costs of translation, administration, and management. We currently pay by PayPal.


What about drugs and laboratory tests?
You will be consulting with a primary care veterinarian in China or another country. It is the primary care veterinarian’s responsibility to source suitable drugs, laboratory tests, and other recommended interventions. Primary care veterinarians in China and elsewhere might not have all the equipment or other resources that you might regard as standard.

Vets Central is partnering with providers of quality pharmaceuticals and diagnostic laboratories to facilitate the implementation of your recommendations in China and elsewhere


What support can I expect?
Vets Central provides an FAQ and instructive videos on how to use our platform. We have an administrator and technicians to help trouble-shoot technical difficulties. You can access these through the help function that shows on every screen.

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