Helping Animals Stress Less

Helping Animals Stress Less

The Hong Kong Veterinary Association, in conjunction with Pets Central and Antinol, recently invited veterinarian surgeon and animal behavior expert Dr. Kersti Seksel to share how to address and prevent animals’ anxiety about visiting the vet.

Studies reveal that 78% of all animals show fear and anxiety when visiting a clinic. Here are some ways veterinarians can help:

  • Think like a psychologist

Empathize with the dog’s situation. Reassure it with friendly gestures during its waiting and treatment. Offer yummy treats starting at the front door. Examine the animal in comfortable, familiar ways. Animals may become anxious if you sit on the floor next to them or put them on a cold exam table.

  • Mind the clinic colors and lighting

Minor details down to the colors used and lighting at your clinic can affect animals’ emotions. With their dichromatic color vision, using soft shades for interior design and low light can help them stay calmer.

  • Beware of smells

Smelling fear-induced pheromones can make animals anxious, and have long-lasting effects. Ensure that your clinic is thoroughly cleaned using non-irritating chemicals and separate animals into species-specific waiting and treatment rooms, so they aren’t overwhelmed by a mix of pheromones.


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